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We begin by taking an in-depth look at your organization through diagnostics and studies designed to evaluate the existence, application and effectiveness of typical factors, variables, activities and deliverables.

Having identified areas of opportunity, LEP will work with your management team to develop Key Performance Indicators, guidelines and timelines for implementation to achieve your improvement goals.


Our team moves to the next phase by applying the appropriate set of tools, determined in the Design phase, to execute the project strategy. We also work to train, coach and encourage leaders to embrace new habits.


Additionally, we can help you take Lean to the next level with proven metrics that create buy-in and ensure commitment to lasting cultural changes.

LEP is a dynamic, nimble consultant agency focused on making your organization lean and agile enough to compete in the changing market. Our holistic approach is unique in the industry because, from the top, we look at your organization in its entirety, considering all four pillars of business—strategy, systems, process and people— and what value they add to the end product.


With a lean philosophy, you enjoy the benefit of continuous improvement. So, rather than making rapid, irregular changes that are disruptive to the workplace, you make moderate, sustainable changes that the people who actually work with the processes, equipment and materials will take forward.


Lean thinking provides you with excellent guidelines for decision making. Measurable improvements in operations and profit are promised with one caveat: the promised benefits require that we think about manufacturing in a new way.


We are so confident in our ability to deliver, we back up what we deliver with a 3:1 ROI guarantee.. What better investment can you make?